Hair Loss Treatment With Natural and Medic Cure

Hair Loss Treatment

The frequent hair washing and drying and frequent water hardness use or added sterile chlorine in the hair bath process leads to dry hair and split ends and hair loss with the knowledge that a reasonable rate of the average number of hair in the head 150,000 hair almost, and cause dehydration and precipitation problems of the hair is the frequent use of hair dryer electric or Curlers electric hair and frequent on swimming pools or even frequent washing hair in the same detergent as the hair is affected by weather factors surrounding such as sunlight, wind, leading to dryness and the occurrence of some of the problems the treatment of hair loss herbal if you suffer from the problem of loss in the hair of the head

Here the following recipes that prevent and deal with hair loss: Take the amount of a cup of olive oil, then add to it the amount of the hand grip of the peel garlic, and Akhltiha with each and boil over low heat for five minutes, then grease this mix your hair twice to three times a day for a week. Take a good amount of neem green leaf paper, Dekayaa well and then Astkhrgi juice and grease his hair, and leave it two consecutive days then wash your hair well with lukewarm water, and repeat the process twice a week for a whole month to get better hair and removes hair loss.

Take the amount of a cup of olive oil, then add about fifty grams of Right to cotton oil, and leave to soak for two days after the grease your hair soaked with this twice a day for a week. Take your hands grip the amount of green plant wild thyme and boil in a liter of water, and leave it on the fire boiled to evaporate half a liter of water, then Arfieha on fire and rub your scalp and hair remaining water once a day for a week. Take fifty grams of henna milled paper very finely, and add to it a tablespoon of material tar, then add a cup of olive oil, and mix well Ingredients with each other, then put the mixture on your head evening and leave until the morning and then wash your head with lukewarm water and soap this and Repeat recipe three consecutive days.

hair loss treatment and diet

To Tmanaa Your hair loss Bring the amount of water cup filled with olive oil, and Akhltiha by fists hand of figs, ground fine paper, and put them on the quiet fire for three minutes then rub the hair and scalp by a good circus in the evening, and use the mix for three days and then doctrinaire after the wash your hair only twice a week with water wild hibiscus paper and was keen to be a soap used in washing your hair free of potash.

Natural recipes There are many ways we can be followed in the treatment of hair loss herbal and include it as follows: onion juice: We era granulated onion juice and use this to massage the scalp before bathing, the strong effect on the germination of new hair and protect it from precipitation. Castor oil: We mix castor oil with half a bottle of vinegar and mix we put this on the scalp daily before bathing, as it protects the hair from precipitation.

Vinegar: Before you use a comb in the hair and we Bgamsh in a mixture of vinegar and water, then we combed hair, this method works to strengthen hair roots and treatment of precipitation. Olive oil: we massage the scalp appropriate quantity of olive oil before going to sleep and we covered it until the morning and then we washed, it helps to strengthen the germination of hair and protect it from precipitation. Option: option on the sulfur content necessary to increase the beauty of the hair and not hair loss.

Milk: When you eat yogurt and yeast mixture on a daily basis, that works to increase hair growth and prevent it from precipitation.

Lemon: We squeezing lemon granules and put this juice on the hair, with a strong stop precipitation. Salt water: salt water works when massage the scalp to protect hair from hair loss and to speed up the growth process. Garlic juice: We squeezing garlic granules and use the juice output in the scalp massage on a daily basis and that evening, it is a strong bulwark to the roots of the hair of the precipitation. And many people rely on the use of different kinds of herbs to treat hair loss, but there is not enough study has proven the effectiveness of these herbs in the treatment of hair loss. Note: The subject of hair loss treatment herbal health is not a reference, please see your doctor.

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