Hair Loss Biofactor True Or Myth?

Hair Loss Biofactor until today no sciences find positive correlation about genetic in hair loss problem, parents with hair loss problem can get a normal children without hair loss problem, so hair loss biofactor still a myth? we will find the answer, so here are some of hair loss causes

Anemia, "deficiency of hemoglobin - anemia"

Anemia is not a simple situation that can neglect them .. because they cause general weakness for the whole body .. must be attention to good nutrition and eating vitamins contain iron ratio .. The average Tabay to hemoglobin in the blood of women from 11-13 .. and 13 is the ratio ideal .. When men are from 11-14 .. shortages in these proportions that must be treated even improve public health and then hair.


hair loss chemotherapy

It is known in cancer patients "healed of God, and has recovered" exposed to the fall of the hair permanently from the whole body as a result of chemotherapy .. Once you stop chemotherapy hair back to growth again, but curled may be due if the straight and Vda by perhaps its color back variable.

It is new in this world: "the treatment of cancer patients with medicines chemical":

Some scientists have been working recently to change the treatment .. chemical to some types of drug works to relieve pain first and then stop the activity of cancer cells and broken .. These drugs work on the specific activity of the immune system eliminates dead cancer cells inside the body and this is the new A God willing .. but I did not say it until now to be the end of the study and a formal announcement by the World Health Organizations

But it is certain that an effective and successful treatment was the work of some experiments on volunteers from the patients to make sure the results of treatment before announced .. The results were amazing and satisfactory order of God .. but we do not know when to be announced officially.

Exposure to psychological pressures and nervousness

hair loss biofactor

This is known to everyone why and does not need to explain. But you need to treat .. because as I mentioned stress and physical fatigue can be due to psychological pressure and nervousness .. and this is what leads to anxiety and stress, insomnia and lack of sleep .. and stress emotional .. in the sense that all these pressures make self sad emotionally causing many problems in public health, not only in the hair.

Treatment of hair loss here:

Has to be dealt with anti-stress and anxiety .. even if they are from nature, such as: Walking an hour three times a week at least to renew and stimulate blood circulation and vitality of hair .. eating herbs sedative .. If the psyche bad and nervousness when men or women to the degree of impact on the hair Because of this reason Say what leads to hair loss .. but if the situation led to the, there should be a visit to the doctor psychological and neurological diseases .. This so-called "talk therapy".

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