Biopsy For Scalp And hair Loss Problem

Biopsy And Hair Loss Treatment

Skin biopsy usually takes about 15 minutes, Including the time required for preparation before the biopsy and wound dressing, and some instructions
For the patient to provide In-home care

Depending on where the skin biopsy, your doctor may ask the patient dressing And wear a special dress. The doctor will clean the area of ​​skin that is by sampling. The The The doctor locate sampling using a surgical marker or by drawing Pen outline for the biopsy.

The patient receives a local anesthetic to numb the biopsy site. Usually given by injection
Thin needle. This causes the feeling of a burning sensation in the skin for a few seconds. after that
Be a place completely biopsy anesthetic nor the patient feel any pain or discomfort during a biopsy
The skin.

Biopsy For Hair Loss Treatment

Through the skin biopsy
Biopsy scraping The doctor uses a double-edged or scalpel to cut tissue deep incision sharp tool vary depending on the type of biopsy and part of the body skin that is taken The sample of it. And cause bleeding in the sampling. This is to stop the bleeding by pressing on the region Or through a combination of pressure and a topical medication that is placed on the place of the biopsy.

The pieces in the top layer of fat under the skin. So there may be a need
To use stitches to close the wound. Then put a bandage on the place of sampling to protect
The wound and prevent bleeding.

After skin biopsy

The doctor asks the patient to maintain the bandage biopsy place until the next day. Sometimes it may bleed and biopsy place after leaving the doctor's office. And it is often
For patients who are taking blood-thinning drugs. In that case, pressure is applied
Directly on the wound for 10 to 20 minutes. If bleeding persists should contact

All biopsies cause a small scar. In some cases the scar is prominent. Increases
That in cases of biopsy of the neck or upper torso area such as the back or chest.
Initially scar is pink and then fade to white or brown in some
Often. Typically scars gradually fade. Permanent and color of the scar be clear after a year or
Two years from the biopsy.

You should not try to rub the biopsy place or activities may cause stretch place
Biopsy so as not to cause the bleeding or the magnitude of the
It takes the healing of the wound biopsy place several weeks, usually completed during healing
Two months. And often heal the wounds in the legs and feet more slowly than any other parts of the

It is washing hands with soap and water before touching biopsy place.

The patient continues to care of the biopsy until the stitches are removed. In the case of
Scraping biopsy where there is no stitches are important to continue to care for the biopsy until
Skin wound heals completely.

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